La Fosca beach is located 200 m away from the campsite, Castell beach 1 km away and Palamós beach 2 km away from the campsite.
Yes, La Fosca beach is sandy and not deep.
Palamós is located 2 km away from the campsite, Platja d’Aro 10 km away.
Yes, there is a bus stop near to the campsite entrance that goes to Palamós.
Yes, in high season, we do activities like crafts, games, pool games…
No, it is permited to enter just one car per plot o per mobil-home.
Yes. Visa, MasterCard and Maestro are accepted in the reception, supermarket and the bar-restaurant.
No, the deposit has to be done in cash.
Pets are not allowed in the mobil-homes, COCO tents or rural bedrooms. But they are allowed if you reserve a plot. The so-called dangerous dog breeds and their cross-breeds are not allowed on the campsite. Only small and medium sized dog breeds are allowed (maximum 25 kg).
No, customers of mobil-homes, COCO tents and rural bedrooms can not bring their pets, and pets are not allowed in the accommodations’ area. It is also forbidden to leave pets in the car.