Thank you for your suggestions as we continue to improve our facilities.


  • Replacement of all lampposts for new ones with LED technology.
  • New mobil-homes AIRE for 5 persons.
  • New electric vehicle charging point.


  • New bathrooms for babies in the sanitary blocks of zones 2, 14 and 16.
  • New Jacuzzi zone in the swimming-pool.
  • Replacement of mobil-homes Type “A” in zone 15 by new mobil-homes STAR-T and SUNNY.


  • New COCO Tents and COCO MINI Tents in different areas of the campsite.
  • Replacement of mobil-homes Type “L” by new mobil-homes STAR-T.


  • Replacement of mobil-homes Type “E” in Zone 12 for new mobil-homes SUNSET.
  • Replacement of mobil-homes Type “N” in Zone 1 for new mobil-homes SUNNY.
  • New mobil-homes “OCEAN”, “STAR” i “AQUA”  for 6 persons.
  • New equipped COCO tents.
  • Elimination of the mini-golf and enlargement of the chindren’s park.
  • Renovation of the sun beds in the swimming-pool area.
  • New terrace zone in the Restaurant “Xiringuito de’n Josepet”.

Nieuw 2014

  • Publication of our new website.
  • Elimination of the stairs to access the WC block in Zone 2.
  • New “STAR” mobil-homes for 6 persons.
  • New “SUN” mobil-homes for 5 persons.
  • Remodeling of the WCs in the Restaurant “El Xiringuito de’n Josepet”.

Nieuw 2013

  • Mobil-homes type N (located in area 1 ) substituted by new mobil-home type S with airconditioner
  • New camping fence
  • New electricy connection in the plots

Nieuw 2012

  • Mobil-homes type RE and NS substituted by new mobil-home type S with airconditioner and TV
  • Wi-Fi Service in the whole campsite

Nieuw 2011

  • New laundry
  • Streets signage
  • New Playground Area in the minigolf area
  • New fridge h= 1,40m on mobil-homes type L.
  • Microwave on mobil-home type A, N and NS

Nieuw 2010

Dankzij uw voorstellen blijven we onze diensten verbeteren:

  • Nieuwe receptie, supermarkt en wasserij
  • Tweede speeltuin
  • wifi
  • Nieuwe ingang van de camping

Nieuw 2009

  • Verbouwing van de snackbar “Chiringuito”
  • Verbouwing van het terras en zwembad
  • Uitbreiding van de hoofdwegen van de camping
  • Uitbreiding van de kinderzone (minibasket)